When the dinner rush winds down on the weekends at San Jose Bar & Grill (SJBG), some of the most famous local, and international DJ’s rock the decks with their newest tracks of house, hip hop, EDM and top 40, along with today’s hottest hits. SJBG is one of the only places in Downtown San Jose where you can make an entire evening of fantastic food, amazing specialty cocktails, impeccable VIP customer service, and some of the hottest DJ’s. With our combination of early and late night dining, eclectic specialty libations, plush comfortable lounges, outdoor back deck patio, and some of the best DJ’s, San Jose Bar & Grill is your one stop shop to eat, drink, dance and play!


San Jose Bar & Grill is the only place downtown where you can mingle with friends, and dance to live DJ’s, with the option of late night dining. SJBG’s Regular Menu is served daily until 10PM, and our Late Night Menu is served Thursday – Saturday from 10PM -1:30AM, and always open until closing time during the week.